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Adaptive Apex Locator belongs to the most recent – VI generation devices for measuring the root canal length. In combines, the advantages of the two most popular methods of measurement – Prof. Sunada` method for “dry” canal and a method of Prof. Kobayashi for, so called, “wet” root canal.


Advantages of the method:

  • Achieving of the highest accuracy and eliminating subjective errors of the dentist, associated with bad wetting or drying of the canal;
  • No further manipulations are need for irrigation of the root canal or manipulations for drying of the root canal.


Technical features:

  • The Adaptive Apex Locator belongs to the group of the so called “SUPER COMPACT APEX LOCATORS”.
  • The device can operate on a stand, on a hand, to be putted in your pocket or dentist clips it by the built in clamp on the patient`s bib;
  • The device is the first “talking” Apex Locator;
  • The device is the first Apex locator with color multimedia liquid crystal display;
  • For the first time in this Adaptive Apex Locator was developed logical filter for filtering of the random messages.

    Adaptive Apex Locator is the first one, equipped with a tester, to verify the efficiency of the device and its appliances.


Origin: Bulgaria

Company: Optica Laser

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Call: +995 568 79 00 44 ; +995 597 007 557



Address: Oniashvili st. 25/27

0160 Tbilisi, Georgia


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