Aqium 3D Bite


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Addition curing, scannable registration material of high thixotropy, excellent dimension stability, high acuity image and precise detail reproduction. The material is very easy to cut and drill.

Aqium® 3D BITE was designed specifically for the use in CAD/CAM systems. The innovative, special composition creates superior reproduction of 3D scanned data, such as occlusion surfaces, antagonists and preparations. The additional use of powder is no longer necessary.



  • Shore D45
  • Colour: yellow
  • Working time: 30 sec.
  • Time in mouth: 30 sec.

REF 82538    2x 50 ml cartridges + 12 mixing tips NT, green



Origin: Germany

Company: Mueller-Omicron Dental

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Call: +995 568 79 00 44 ; +995 597 007 557



Address: Oniashvili st. 25/27

0160 Tbilisi, Georgia


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