Betasil Implant


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Latest generation of monophase material, matched to meet the requirements of implant- and / or transfer impressions. Its viscosity offers the necessary stableness in the spoon, on the one hand, and high fluidity under pressure, on the other hand.

Even in the moist environment of the oral cavity, its pronounced hydrophilic properties guarantee high, bubble-free moistening of surface areas along with the ability to provide replication true to detail. The precise transfer and fixation of the transfer posts is guaranteed through high precision and final hardness to match.

betasil® VARIO IMPLANT products can be used as a spoon- and/or spray material and is also suitable for other applications of precision impressions beyond the field of implantology, such as inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges, transfer impressions.

Color: blue
Mint flavour


  • Working time: variable up to 2 minutes
  • Time in mouth: 2 minutes
  • Impression technique: monophase


REF 85109     betasil® VARIO IMPLANT, 5:1, 1x 380 ml + 10 Mixing Tips + 1 Fix cap
REF 85129     betasil® VARIO IMPLANT, 5:1, 2x 380 ml + 1 Fix cap
REF 82509     betasil® VARIO IMPLANT, 2x 50 ml + 6 Mixing Tips, green

Origin: Germany

Company: Mueller-Omicron Dental

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