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Inclinable binocular, the binocular inclination angle 195° allows an easy adjustment to the most suitable working position. Crucial ergonomy enhancement. Eye cups They allow diopter adjustment but are also suitable for doctors working with glasses. Microscope body All the optical parts: binocular, magnification changer and lens are located on the micorscope body. Magnificaton switch Handy knobs located on both sides of the microscope body gives you the ability to select one of five magnification factors


COMPACT & MODERN DESIGN MOUNTING OPTIONS FOR EVERY SURGERY DENTAL UNIT INTEGRATION Symbiotic combination of High-Tec equipment to bring perfect results. MOBILE FLOOR STAND Construction on wheels allows the movement between sites. CEILING MOUNT Ideal positioning for quick access. Mount for ceiling height above 200 cm. WALL MOUNT Mount for wall heights from 90 to 200 cm

BASE CONFIGURATION:    SYSTEM COMPONENTS BINOCULAR with adjustable angle 0-195° LENS working distance 250 mm LIGHT SOURCE LED; high performance fiber optic cable FILTER green or orange VERSION mobile version floor stand ARM LENGTH standard 90 cm We are always ready to meet our clients expectations by learning their needs and presenting the opportunities that DENSIM OPTICS has to offer. Our consultants will help you to choose the best option so you could perform your work as you have always desired. BINOCULARS • with adjustable angle 0-195° • all of diopter adjustment LENS • working distance 200.

Origin: Slovak Republic

Company: Diplomat Dental

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