easy Waxer & easy Waxer duo


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Handpieces and modelling tips are not included in the warranty!

short heating time

wide temperature range up to 190°C/ 374°F

easy handling due to temperature control

unbeatable price-performance ratio

energy-saving on/off switch

easy Waxer
Delivery: incl.: handpiece, handpiece clamp and modelling tip PKT 2

easy Waxer duo
Delivery incl.: 2 handpieces, 2 handpiece clamps and 2 modelling tips PKT 1 and PKT 2


Modelling tips for Waxer NT and proWAXER


Origin: Germany

Company: YETI Dental

For further information, visit the webpage:

Easy Waxer & easy Waxer duo: https://www.yeti-dental.com/en/products/equipment-and-instruments/electric-wax-knife/easy-waxer.html

Tips: https://www.yeti-dental.com/en/products/equipment-and-instruments/electric-wax-knife/modelling-tips/745-modelling-tips-for-waxer-nt-pro-and-easy.html


Contact Details:

Call: +995 568 79 00 44 ; +995 597 007 557

F: https://www.facebook.com/sprintdental/

E-mail: sprint.dental@yahoo.com

Address: Oniashvili st. 25/27

0160 Tbilisi, Georgia


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