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EDI is the light that has made FARO the world’s leader in dental lighting. The patented design combines ergonomics and simplicity with smooth and rounded surfaces for an easy cleaning. The selection of materials and components and the attention to details ensure an outstanding integration with any kind of dental unit. EDI has an excellent colour rendering index that allows a real colour matching and an accurate examination of the tissues. ALO TECH Optical project with reflected light. Thanks to its exclusive optical project, the halogen light source is reflected onto a rear double parabolic glass that guarantees a light without shadows and a well-defined luminous spot of 145 x 90 mm. The accurate definition of the spotlight prevents any glare effect, protecting the patients’ eyes.


Progressive adjustment of illuminance. The light intensity is controlled by a slider, placed at the back of the head, which progressively adjusts the light from maximum to minimum, keeping the colour temperature constant.


Origin: Italy

Company: FARO

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Call: +995 568 79 00 44 ; +995 597 007 557

F: https://www.facebook.com/sprintdental/

E-mail: sprint.dental@yahoo.com

Address: Oniashvili st. 25/27

0160 Tbilisi, Georgia


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