S333 Turbine (LED)


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The S333 is the model that positioned FARO as an industry world leader in the production of dental turbines. Today we wish to revive the name to identify a new turbine intended to renew the past success. The S333 is the result of an extensive development project of all its components, which are produced by FARO with the collaboration of the best specialists. The S333 is a turbine with excellent features, designed for the best work in all conditions. The S333 is also unique for its distinctive sound: its insulated sonority, which never becomes irritating, was achieved with an in-depth optimization of airflows and discharges.
The ergonomic study of shape and the appropriate weight distribution, only 55 grams, allowing you to work with the highest precision while maintaining excellent visibility to the working area in all positions. The treatments, carried out on a perfectly smooth surface, ensure a secure grip, allowing to take full torque advantage.


The FARO quick connector

The FARO quick connector allows easily release from the S333 power cord for cleaning, sterilization and lubrication. It incorporates a high efficiency LED, which through the light guide positioned in the turbine, effectively illuminates the working area ensuring excellent visibility even when the spray is activated.


The Rotor


The rotor of the S333 is provided with a new conception chuck, that ensures a perfect burr hold, and integral shielded ceramic bearings to maintain constant lubrication over time.
The rotor is configured to obtain high torque regulating the discharge of air correctly, controlling the speed of rotation over long time periods.


Origin: Italy

Company: FARO

For further information, visit the webpage: https://www.technodent.in/faro-s333-dental-turbine


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