MEDICON Collum Plate


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Design of the plate with countersunk holes on both sides allows application on both left and right mandibular ramus

Junction of the Collum plate allows transfer of stress forces along the strain lines of the mandibular ramus


The instrument set – adapted to the limited field of view and the minimally invasive surgical technique – simplifies the intraoral approach for the treatment of condylar fractures

The plate holding forceps helps to position and fixate the Collum Plate while tightening the screws

Adapted openings in the mouth parts of the plate holding forceps enable positioning and tightening the screws at the same time

Intraoral retractor with fibre optic illumination and mirror guarantees soft tissue retraction and good visualization of the fracture line

Integrated cold light connection of the retractor assures sufficient illumination of the surgical area. Consequentely a visualization of the fracture wedge is guaranteed as well as control of the osteosynthesis at the posterior edge of the mandibular ramus


Origin: Germany

Company: MEDICON

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