Prothesen Color System


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Light-curing colors on methycrylate base. PCS enables dentists and dental technicians to do justice to their patients’ aesthetic wishes and to integrate the denture easily into the remaining dentition or to fashion a full denture creatively


lndications – characterization of denture base acrylics for partial and full dentures – individualization of prefabricated acrylic teeth – Characterization of composite veneers in the crown and bridge technique. Colors The PC-System is available in the following colors: white, cream (off-white), ochre, apricot, orange, khaki, red, blue, brown, black Processing instructions Characterization of denture base acrylics for partial and full dentures: Form the denture body considering anatomical aspects and sand the edges. After polishing with pumice, polish those sections to a high shine, which are not to be painted. Thoroughly clean the denture with an ultrasound cleaner or a steam cleaner. Please ensure that the sections to be characterized are not touched after cleaning. The surface to be painted is moistened with Primer liquid and polymerized. In this process, a dispersion layer (sticky surface) must be created


Main components Organic matrix methyl metacrylate Bis-GMA Additives Thickener, initiators, stabilizers, pigments. Processing time of the colors Up to 5 min., depending on the light conditions. Polymerization The light curing unit used for polymerization must have an emission spectrum of 350 – 500 nm. An adequate polymerization may only be obtained with properly functioning lamps. Therefore, it is necessary to check the light intensity regularly according to the instructions of the lamp manufacturer.


Origin: Germany


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