With its elegant design, innovative technologies, excellent performance and perfect ergonomics, QUBE invites you to discover the innovative workstation system from Schick Dental.…

QUBE’s system character is way ahead of its time. Aside from the performance parameters being unique world-wide, the innovative operating design and the variability of the system ensure first and foremost for an unrivalled working comfort.




QUBE suits best for light to medium work in the dental lab.



Is perfectly equipped for universal use in the laboratory.


QUBE Premium

The master class for easier, better and faster work.


Perfect ergonomics

To meet every user’s individual needs, there are two different ergonomic handpieces to choose from.

The low weight and compact design of the QUBE handpiece – or the more traditional QUBE long version handpiece


Origin: Germany

Company: SCHICK Dental

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Contact Details:

Call: +995 568 79 00 44 ; +995 597 007 557



Address: Oniashvili st. 25/27

0160 Tbilisi, Georgia


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