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Use your conventional modelling method with dialog Vario. You use paste or flow, or a combination of the two, in accordance with your preferences, intuition, and taste. The two consistencies can be combined for the prime quality of dialog Vario restorations, but whatever your prefer, the esthetic outcome will be exciting. Less is more! The combination of the eight shades with the occlusal shades allow for the reproduction of all VITA-shades (by cleverly layering the basic shades with the occlusal shades). Advantages: · Quickly and safely produce perfect facings · Quick and safe handling · The combination of necessary hardness with indispensable elasticity guarantees a high durability of the restorations · dialog Vario compensates for peak occlusal forces ideally. Therefore, as the dialog Vario system is very gentle to the opposing dentition, it is especially indicated for sensitive telescopes and implant-supported restorations · The unique combination of finest glass powder with pyrogenic silica will produce great esthetic results · Exceptional luster and transparency Easy handling: · Abrasion-stable and wear resistant dialog Vario Occlusal will be used to apply the occlusal surface or the palatinal incisal surface directly onto dialog Vario · Perfectly homogenous „oneness“ of the materials. · Reproducible results


Origin: Germany


For further information, visit the webpage: https://www.schuetz-dental.de/media/pdf/43/2a/9d/2017_IMPLA_System_ENG.pdf


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