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“Made in Germany”: Quality and experience for over 50 years. It began with an idea. The idea of putting smiles back on the faces of patients. Dentists were already using the predecessors of the current IMPLAnts over 50 years ago. Benefit from many years of experience. Lothar Kant developed these precursors in the 1960s. Since then, the IMPLA system has been continuously developed and improved for and with our customers. Both this continuity and our very high quality standard “Made in Germany” make the IMPLA system one of the most sophisticated implant systems in the world. By integrating the IMPLA 3D navigation software into the “Complete Digital Workflow”, the system also offers you a very high degree of future viability. The “Complete Digital Workflow” ensures holistic networking of the different digital systems. Whether by telephone or with you in your dental surgery: the experienced and dedicated IMPLA team will always be ready to offer you competent advice.

Our implants have been used successfully in the clinical environment since 1963. IMPLA means safety and high German quality at reasonable prices.


Through collaboration with renowned implantologists and professional associations from all over the world, the IMPLA system has become a real all-rounder for routine implantology work, and fully covers every aspect.

We achieve a microstructured, high purity surface by using a certified procedure. The blasted and etched surface ensures optimal cell adaptation, and fast and reliable healing. Studies show that a surface roughness between 1.0 and 2.0 μm creates an optimum basis for reliable osseointegration (cf. Wennerberg/Albrektsson, 2006, International Dentistry SA Vol. 8, No. 6, 2006). Internal measurements show that IMPLA implants have an average surface roughness of 1–2 µm.

IMPLA implants (except Interim) are delivered in double sterile packaging. Using the integrated insertion aid you can insert the implant straight from the packaging. You do away with the fiddly step of removing the implant from the packaging using an instrument. This makes your work efficient and easier and offers your patients even greater safety.

For the two-part implant lines Cylindrical, Dual Surface and Micro Retention, insertion post, laboratory screw and implant healing cap are already included in the scope of delivery of the implant.

Just the right implant for nearly every indication and all this in only one single, clearly laid out surgery box. You and your assistance no longer have to deal with multiple trays. This will make your work not only safer, but even more efficient. This advantage is also reflected in the laboratory accessories. Although the two-part IMPLA system offers six different surgical diameters (3.3 mm/3.6 mm/4.2 mm/4.5 mm/ 5.3 mm/5.5 mm), the system uses only three prosthetic platforms (each with the smaller diameter 3.3 mm/ 4.2 mm/ 5.3 mm). Thus, the processes from impression taking to the gingiva former to the abutment can be organized in a unique and simple way – both during the procedures in the surgery and during the production in the dental laboratory.


Origin: Germany


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