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Tribos 501 – Artificial Teeth


The teeth produced in 3 layers possess equal value of quality at almost every area of the tooth and guarantee hereby stability of the colors when grinding. By the ideal surface density and surface hardness the Tribos 501 offers excellent firmness against abrasion and is particularly resistant to plaque.


For the anterior teeth gebdi offers all in all 31 shapes, so that there is a tooth for every taste.


For the posterior teeth 14 different shapes from three morphology studies are available.


The Tribos 501 anterior teeth are designed by Jan Schuenemann

The Tribos 501 Anterior teeth V & LV are designed with brilliant natural layering. The natural three-dimensional form of the tooth allows the technician to adjust the position without opening the interdental space too far, thus providing ideal conditions for individualization of the denture. With suitable adjustment of the gingival mask and characteristics, the form of the Tribos V & LV anterior teeth can be varied by as much as up to 30 percent. This gives a huge number of individualized dental forms. The unique tooth stratification of the Tribos V & LV, together with a discreet incisal edge, silky-smooth surface structure and striking opalescent effects make these teeth stand out from the crowd offering solutions for all your prosthetics problems.


Origin: Germany

Company: gebdi

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